Brenden Roman
October 15, 2018
Grand Valley State University Introduces New Plan For Undecided Majors
Grand Rapids, MI―The Grand Valley State University’s Career Center is launching a free career- finder tool called Focus 2 on October 30th of this year. Focus 2 is a free personalized career assessment and exploration tool available to all GVSU students and alumni. Josh Johnston, a full-time Grand Valley student expressed his excitement for the launch.
“I think Focus 2 will be a great addition to the University. This program will not only help students find a major thats right for them, but it is also free of charge! I think this will make GVSU stand out and attract more potential students,” says Johnston.
Focus 2 is designed to help students explore many careers and majors by identifying aspects that fit their career interests, values, personality, and skills. From these personalized results, they will be able to explore in-depth information related to potential career choices. Grand Valley State University is dedicated to helping their students succeed and are always open to new opportunities that could help them accomplish their goal. Student’s are certain that Focus 2 will be the next big innovation for success and lead GVSU’s students into a successful and happy lifetime.


Brenden Roman




Writing Assignment




Message Goals:

The main goals of the message for recovering from the incident that occured on the career centers focus 2 website will be instant information spread detailing that the site was hacked and the students were all being played with. The main goal is to make sure no student was personally offended, mostly upset or hurt from the incident. After the news is spread the students who had faulty messages will redo their focus 2 with an advisor and tell them some good majors for them.



  1. Inform all students of the hack

  • Offer free counseling

  • Redo Focus 2 and find accurate results

B. Start working on or paying a company to provide a more secure system.

  • Hire a company

  • Have IT Tech workers from GV fix it.


Message: We as Grand Valley Career Center apologize as a whole to the entire student body and especially those affected by the hacking that occurred this weekend. We are offering a free counseling session as well as focus 2 redo with accurate answers.

CAP 220 SWS ASSIGNMENT #2 Personal Narrative

Hannah Kelly was born September 12th in Milford, Michigan. Hannah has a very close family life and looks up to her mother as her role model. She has given her strength and motivation to get past hard times. Being born in one place doesn’t make you restricted to staying in that one place. Hannah had a very diverse life moving from Milford, to Chicago, to Grand Rapids. Along this journey throughout the midwest she had decided her favorite place so far had been Chicago. She loves the diversity of the city, with plenty of different cultures, stores, and activities around. She loves moving because she is a very outgoing person who likes to talk a lot. Her talking is supported by her motivation and drive to be the best. Hannah wants to use her talents to start a career in the architectural and design business. She specifically wants to be an interior designer. Her goal in ten years is to be working at an interior design firm in Chicago, or any other major city. Moving past career choices Hannah is a very religious person, she was raised catholic and went to a Catholic school. She holds conservative beliefs, but mostly holds to herself to avoid conflicts and unnecessary arguments. Deep down the biggest importance to Hannah is figuring out who you are, how to be comfortable with yourself, and being able to express your emotions and creativity freely. She stands by these principles in her day to day life and tries to spread them.

CAP220 Blog Post #1

Good evening Mr. Verway, my name is Brenden Roman and I am emailing you because I believe I would be a great addition to the public relations and advertisement team. All my life I have been interested in music and I am drawn to the scene. I know hundreds of people in the music scene, I would be able to spread our message and pass it around successfully and with ease. A big method for advertising is within the power of photography and videography. I have carried out both these tasks at the intersection and stache as well! I have a previous understanding of all the venues you run, the artists you bring in, and the goal you’re trying to achieve. I follow along with all these steps and would love to help take this to the next level. I believe I deserve this internship because I can not only advertise through methods of mouth, but also through my talents in photography and videography. It will visually attract more people than a normal advertisement as well as I appeal to the audience that is coming out to these events. Over the last two years I’ve been developing my advertising skills and knowledge in the field. With my skillset, mindset, and pure passion I believe I would be a valuable asset to your team.  

Thank you, Brenden Roman

CAP105 Final

Over the past semester I have been in a class called CAP105. This class has helped to create, own, and expand a personal brand. Throughout this class we learned different technologies to help us in our career path, what it means to have a personal brand, and many other useful things. Since this class started I have created this blog/website to help display my talents, and expand my personal brand. I first would like to thank my professor Angela Peavey for being amazing and extremely helpful along this journey to creating a personal brand.

To begin, I decided to create a personal brand called Rome. My brand focuses on photography and videography. I was able to create this website and start up a portfolio of my work. Throughout the class I started to learn how to use programs such as adobe indesign, to help me create my business card. We also were taught how to use photoshop. This was a crucial discovery for me because it allows me to take my average pictures to the next level by removing unwanted visuals in the image. Combining this with my skill in adobe lightroom I was able to start creating A+ content with ease. All it takes is just a little time to learn the programs and put your knowledge to use. These programs are extremely powerful and I have just grasped their full potential. I am excited to continue using these programs and learning new features to further improve my content.

My favorite assignment in my CAP105 class was the video project. We were assigned to create a minute and fifteen second long video. After I created the video I put my footage into a program called adobe premiere. I have previous experience with this program so I was very excited to put my knowledge to work and create an awesome video for my professor, class, as well as myself. I use these videos to express my style, interests, and who I am. I used these videos to further my personal brand and expand outside information on my brand and what it truly means. Using all these programs greatly increases the potential of my content, brand, and future.

The last task we were assigned in this class was to get certified in google analytics. This certification increases the professionalism of my brand in the real world. It displays my knowledge of google analytics, as well it adds to the scale of my professionalism on a legitimized scale. The reason being companies can  look at my google page and see that I have been certified and am not just out here doing stuff aimlessly. As a whole I have thoroughly enjoyed my CAP105 class and can confidently say that it has been the most beneficial college course I have taken thus far. Through learning how to use programs such as adobe photoshop, premiere, in design, and being certified by google I will use this to my advantage to continue to grow my personal brand. Overall this class has taught me what a personal brand is, what I want my personal brand to be, and to become. I am excited for my future and will continue to use this website to help grow my brand, Rome. Screenshot 2017-04-19 19.37.29.png

Roman, Brenden. Google analytics certification. 2017, , Allendale.

Networking #1

This evening I met with counselor Lisa Knap. We started discussing my resume, what could be done to it, and how to improve it according to my personal brand. What I learned was that everything has to be fine tuned into a professional manner. Every little mistake counts, even if its a simple typo it can take away from the professionalism. I showed Lisa this site as part of my resume and she gave me some recommendations. What I figured out is I must start expanding my basic information, adding to the professionalism of my site and giving my followers more information. Overall I must continue to add content to my resume as well as give examples of all previous work and show how this can help to make me a reliable choice for businessesIMG_0452. Roman, Brenden J. Screenshot. 2017, , Allendale.

Using Tweetdeck to save time!

Hello all! This week for my blog post I will be talking to you guys about using tools such as tweetdeck! These tools allow for an admin of a twitter account to schedule tweets. This means you can sit down and schedule tweets for an entire week or even a month! This allows you to manage your businesses social media accounts way easier than having to log in everyday and figure out your post.

Being a photographer this makes it way easier for me to keep content flowing out regularly.  I am always running around taking pictures and than editing them. This leaves me little time to come up with a caption and post the pictures on certain days. By using these tools I can sit down on a day I have free time and create content for weeks! I will definitely be using this tool in the future.



Roman, Brenden. Tweetdeck picture. 2017, Allendale. Accessed 19 Apr. 2017.

Buisness Card

This past week I started using a program called adobe indesign. This program utilizes many different technologies, but ultimately lets the user create and design anything from a pamphlet to a business card. I used this program to create a business card for my company (as shown below). This card displays my personal brand by showing some pictures I’ve taken as well as showing my logo and contact information. This program is very complex and I would recommend for anyone trying to learn it to watch some tutorial videos on youtube. This is a tool everyone can eventually use, so it would be very beneficial to learn how to use it now!

I will definitely be using this program as my business progresses. I will be using this to create a more professional business card down the road. Along with this I will start holding events, such as meet ups for other photographers in the area and I can use this to create the pamphlet. In design is also great because whatever I create on the program I can transfer to photoshop, or illustrator. For example if I wanted my logo on every one of my pictures I could use in design to create the dimensions and edit it, than put it into photoshop.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.23.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.23.29 PM

Roman, Brenden J. Grand Rapids, Rome Visuals, 2017.