Using Tweetdeck to save time!

Hello all! This week for my blog post I will be talking to you guys about using tools such as tweetdeck! These tools allow for an admin of a twitter account to schedule tweets. This means you can sit down and schedule tweets for an entire week or even a month! This allows you to manage your businesses social media accounts way easier than having to log in everyday and figure out your post.

Being a photographer this makes it way easier for me to keep content flowing out regularly.  I am always running around taking pictures and than editing them. This leaves me little time to come up with a caption and post the pictures on certain days. By using these tools I can sit down on a day I have free time and create content for weeks! I will definitely be using this tool in the future.



Roman, Brenden. Tweetdeck picture. 2017, Allendale. Accessed 19 Apr. 2017.


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